Who am I?

I’m an artist and illustrator mostly working page-per-page for independent websites. I’ve dabbled in webcomics and illustration (although success is debatable lol) for 10+ years. I also have a background in graphic design, and sometimes I mess around with web development.

My work is predominantly inspired by anime, video games, cartoons, and sci-fi/fantasy.

How to contact me:
The quickest way to get in touch with me is by email. (If you leave a comment on one of my pages or @ me on social media, there’s less of a chance I will get it.)

About Commissions:

I do very small batches of commissions only on months when I am not working conventions. I have gotten a lot of questions lately about when I will be open, so I’ve created this google doc for you to enter your email. When I open commissions, I will email people on this list first.
Glance’s Commissions Mailing List

About Jobs, Sponsorships, Collabs, etc.

You can email me ( ) about any business opportunities that you may have for me.

About Comics in Specific

If you are looking for an artist to draw your comics, please send relevant information about the projected rate of pay, crowdfunding, marketing, etc. along with your expected page count and story details.